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The New Colors of this Season

Winter Hair Care photo1 The new year is upon us and it is time to change the look. Colors change from season to season, and so should your hair and style. When creating an overal look it is very important to finish with detail. What is the use of going out with a great new outfit, fitted with accesories and all and your hair is crying out last seasons color.

A great resource for inspiration is fashion magazines. This fall and winter you'll notice that the color scheme of greys, blacks, deep wines, and purples are extra hot. With this color scheme in mind you can adapt your hair color to complete your look to perfection.

The best way to find your ideal color is to know whether you are a warm or a cool skin tone person. There are many myths to how to determine which one you are but the easiest way is by a simple test you can do to yourself. If you look at the underside of your forearm and your viens are blueish in color you are a cool tone, and if the viens are grenish you are a warm tone.

What are the Cool Tone Colors?

Jewel, blues, greens, pinks, purples, blue greens, magentas, blue based reds.

What are the Warm Tone Colors? Earth tones, yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, orange based reds.

So now that you know the terminology, let's see how you can choose the best color for you!


With grey and silver playing a dominant role it is important to tone down the gold in your hair. The sun and beach in the summer always pulls out the golds and yellows in high lights and blond hair so it is time to pack that away with the summer clothes and bring it up to speed. Opt for ash toners and silver undertones in the blond. You don't want to 'grey' the hair but these tones can make the hair whiter and brighter to add softness to the now paleing skin. If you are adding highlights and lowlights keep this same effect in process. It also doesn't hurt to play with biege tones as well. Some women with peachy skin tones may find that the ash is too dulling. Keep in mind that the fashion colors are bold, so softness around the face will leave the beholders eyes to linger over the whole package, and not get distracted.

Cool Ladies - Opt for Ash blond, Icy blond, Pearl blond, Beige blond. If you are chossing a color by number, look for numbers with zero, one, or eleven in the title (ex. 9/11 or 10/1 or 8/0) The number after indicates the tone and these numbers are blue or green aditives.

Warm Ladies - Golden blond, Golden Beige blond, Honey, Milkshake. Look for numbers with 2, 3, 4 (ex. 9/02, 10/23, 8/4)


A dark shade hair with these hard colors in fashion can be tricky, but can also act as the best finish when done right. Look out for too much warmth in your color (ex. reds, eggplant, copper). Browns can look red very easily; especially as the color fades, so keep the darkness in cool tones.
If you are having the color done professionally ask the colorist to use a clear toner over the color. The toner will add great shine to the color without making it feel matte.
This time of the year it is best for brunettes to hold the richness in their colors. If you are thinking about adding highlights I would advise to keep the highlight only a shade lighter than the base. You will still get the demension from the highlight but this will keep the color looking rich.

Cool Ladies - Natural brown, Dark brown, Coffee, Cocoa. Look for numbers that are odd except without 3 at the begining (ex. 4/11, 5/01, 4/77).

Warm Ladies - Chocolate, Hazelnut, Chestnut. Look for even numbers ( 4/64, 4/14, 5/02).

Red Heads

You are so lucky when deep wines and purples are the upcoming trend. Don't fear ladies, you can sport your red locks and still look great in this season's fashions. If you are a red head stay away from copper or blond highlights; keep your color strong. Eliminate orange and copper undertones, if the red is pure or stlighlty dipped with purple undertones it will compliment the fashion colors the best. There is no need to think you have to completely make your red eggplant, because it will actually overpower the colors of fall and leave you looking pale and washed out. Keep the red powerfull and you will look great this season.

Cool Ladies - Magenta, Eggplant/Aubergine, RR-Red red, Blood red, Ruby red. Look for numbers or letters. The numbers will always have one even and one odd or will be double with red ( ex. 8/66, RR, RV, RB, 6/54, 5/36)

Warm Ladies - Fire red, Copper red, Candy red, RC- red copper, R-red, C-copper, CR-copper red. Look for numbers that are even and letters will never repeat (ex. 6/23, 4/44, 7/6, RC, R, C, CR)

I know with this seasons cool wardrobe hitting the shelves, you think it will be hard to pull off the fashion when your a warm girl. If you stick to wearing the lighter shades of cool tones around your face it will actually compliment the warmth in your skin tone.
For example never wear black too close to your face, breack it up with a grey or ivory. Warm tones tend to look drained or tired with pure white so opt for the ivory or cream. All greys look good on warm ladies as well as all browns so mix and match the fashion to include these tones and you can look fantastic just like the cool girls.

Happy New Year!

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