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Shaping things Up!

There is a small amount of people that say, "I love my hair exactly the way it is." I mean if we have straight hair we want it curly, short we want it long, and vice versa. Have you ever thought that we all have the right hair, but not the right hairstyle for our face shape?

Our face shape is extremely important in determining the right hairstyle. When cutting hair a stylist must follow a pattern of lines and sections to create and fulfill the finished haircut. Each face shape is just that, a series of lines and sections conforming to create an outline or contour. Once we have determined our own face shape then we can figure out the best lines and sections to use to give a symmetrical outline to that shape.
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Match Your Hairstyle To Your Face Shape Penelope Cruz photo1


Ladies if your parents blessed you with an oval face give them a kiss later. This face shape is the most versatile shape to have. Almost every hairstyle looks great on it, but still in order to take full advantage of this great shape, here are some points to consider when choosing the best style.

Mid Length to Long locks:

Keep your layers near your cheekbone, lip and chin area to add emphasis on favorite features and to highlight contours. Allow the layers to work more in the front and avoid too many in the back. When you have an oval shaped face you must avoid having short layers at the top of your head. Too much volume at the top can lengthen the face and make that oval shape look flat and pancake like.

Tips to remember
  • Waves and curly hair are great but watch not to have too much volume on top
  • Choose a focal point and accentuate it with the layers. (Ex. Cheekbones, lips, jaw line)
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Match Your Hairstyle To Your Face Shape Sarah Jessica Parker photo1

Long / Oblong

If you have long face, there is no need to be long any more. Don’t hide behind a long hairstyle. The best way to shrink and feminize your features is to add width and to open yourselves up to the rest of the world.
  • If you prefer a one length style avoid lengths that are more than one inch longer than the chin. This length or shorter ones allow the hair to fall with weight creating more depth and volume around the face
  • If you prefer to wear it longer then opt for face framing layers or a very fashionable V shape cut. That way the point softens your figure in the back and the width points add depth to the front where you need it
  • Never cut layers too short, this will elongate the face by adding volume at the top
  • Fringes are a must this year, especially for you, long faced ladies. Straight fringes and longer side sweeps are both great. Fringes frame the contour and are also a great way to bring those sparkling eyes to the rest of the world
Tips to remember
  • Avoid top area volume, no short layers ladies
  • Don’t hide behind a sheet of one length long locks!
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Match Your Hairstyle To Your Face Shape Mandy Moore photo2


You sweet babes are my favorite. You have those cute soft features nestled in roundness. Now it is time to become sexy and wild. Just by adding the right edginess and more vivacious texture.
  • Hairstyles with soft graduated layers, slims down the roundness. It is important to pick hairstyles that have square layers and more square points to cancel out the roundness
  • Short layers also "elongate" the face and add sharpness. You should opt for a fringe, but keep the corners wispy and carry them a little longer and side swept
Tips to remember
  • NO round layers always keep your corners and interior square
  • Avoid one length, blunt, short styles
  • Draw the eye up and away or way down low, but never side to side
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Match Your Hairstyle To Your Face Shape Debra Messing photo2


I have always noticed that women with square faces have great leadership qualities. With their strong jaw lines, it is only natural that these babes are tough. Strength is a great quality to have in yourself but if you want to soften things up in your presence there is a way.
  • Add texture to your hair by creating soft curls or waves. If your hair is naturally straight, piece the ends out, making them soft and wispy and easy to manipulate
  • When your ends are cut with more texture it is easier to bevel and move the hair into place
Tips to remember
  • Avoid one length bobs, especially the box bob
  • "Box Bob Bad", because it has strong lines through the base and a hard lined straight fringe
  • Anything with roundness to create airy softness
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Match Your Hairstyle To Your Face Shape photo1


The face that is full of love and admiration, but is also filled with tricky details. The hairline can sometimes be very particular with this face shape, but the goal is to take off the attention from the pointy chin.
  • The hairline can usually be solved with creating a strong hairline. Identify where the symmetry lies in your face to determine whether you’ll look better with a side or middle parting
  • As for the chin area; quite simple, create a focal point away from it. Short textured crops or short soft layers bring the attention to the eyes. You can also keep the hair long with layers that build up weight around the cheekbone or lip area
Tips to remember
  • Avoid blunt cuts at chin level, and at all!
  • Stay away from choppy layers; you want to pick a focal point and aim to it
  • Fringes are a good idea only when worn much longer than the eye and in a parting (side swept)
Every day we are faced with shapes that create image and picture. I hope that with these tips you can take your shape and create a picture of the image you are hoping for!

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